Indian Clothing Label creating stories while fusing Comfort, Fashion and Sustainability

ADAGIO translates to 'Slow Tempo'. Here at ADAGIO, we stick to our name by hand-crafting beautiful garments released in small capsule collections.

ADAGIO is an Indian Label that embodies the true essence of femininity and sophistication. We are a sustainable Clothing Label following Ethical Practices and thus in turn creating Organic and Environment Friendly Clothing. The label is an extension of both our founders’ personal style and features mostly classic, fluid and simplistic silhouettes. The label caters to women giving them home grown-pieces created in exquisite fabrics of the finest quality. ADAGIO aims to create sustainable fashion by way of clothing being made to order and the whole garment manufacturing process being in-house.


Small Capsule collections imply that each style is produced in limited quantities and is crafted on order. Since we are made-to-order, we are part of the slow fashion movement. Releasing season-less capsule collections eliminates mass production vis-a-vis Fast Fashion which is the second characteristic that defines ADAGIO.

Being environmentally friendly is what ADAGIO is built around and aims to be. We care for the environment and for you which is why we only use Organic and Upcycled Fabrics of the finest quality. We manufacture our own Organic Cotton Fabrics using ethically sourced Organic Cotton Yarn. We dye our Fabrics using Azo Free Dyes. Apart from the Organic Cotton Fabrics, we also Re-use fabrics from our previous shipments which would have otherwise been part of garment waste. Hence, all fabrics that we use are either Organic or Upcycled Fabrics.

Since we manufacture our own fabrics, we are able to ensure exceptional quality and one of a kind, unique fabrics and designs. The next time you are getting dressed, you don’t have to worry about your friends showing up wearing the same outfit.

An estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is created each year. In a bid to limit our contribution to the same, we make coordinated face masks, scrunchies and keychains with the fabric waste generated while crafting the garments. Click here to know more.

Since, all of our manufacturing is in-house i.e. under the same roof and we do not source fabrics from other sources, it helps us reduce & limit our carbon footprint. Our garment machinery runs on Solar Power. Click here to know more about our plastic free packaging.